Keeping Up With Fall Trends

As we breeze past the first days of fall, it’s easy to get excited with what this new season will bring. With Fall comes pumpkin spice lattes, knitted scarves, and the newest set of wedding trends.

Let us rediscover the fads of the fall and learn how to keep up with these ever-changing trends.



This season we trade in the bright and vibrant colors of the summer for the dark and smokier colors of the fall. Some colors we’re excited to see include plum, burgundy, and deep yellow. Though these colors have replaced the summer ones, pastels make the perfect complementary palette. For a chic touch, add metallic accents!

Florals are one of our favorite ways to play with colors. Spice up your bouquets and centerpieces with dahlias, purple calla lilies, or chrysanthemums! Some other fun ways to take advantage of fall are by having big, leafy arrangements. These make great ceiling treatments, and using leaves, garlands, and vines can frame invitations and signage well. This keeps the design fresh displaying a playful yet natural touch.


Food and drink stations have really picked up this season! We have coffee bars, pie tables, and cornucopia-style dessert arrangements to welcome the new season. Infuse the taste of fall by introducing flavors to your favorite dishes!

This season focuses on the extremes, go big or go small. Extravagant weddings seem to always be in season. However, New Minimalism has been working to take center stage as well. Exposed wood or brick can add a rustic and fall tone to your wedding, all while having to put in very little work; the décor speaks for itself.



These trends are so much fun, but some hadn’t existed even in the last few months. How do we keep up? It’s easy! Here’s how.

Social Media

Checking hashtags is one of the easiest ways to get a feel of what’s cool right now. Scrolling through tags like #wedding, #reception, #fallcelebrations can give you a good look into current trends. You could also follow prominent wedding planners and designers to see how their events are changing based on the season.

Blogs and Magazines

Blogs like Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, and 100 Layer Cake are great blogs for following up with the latest and greatest fall fads. They are updates very frequently and archive all past posts as well. This would be useful to for getting inspiration off of past trends as well. Magazines like Wedding Wire and Bride Magazines are great subscriptions for keeping up with the industry as well.

Check Dates

There is a lot of information out there about wedding trends, so it is important to know when a post was published before reading it as a current trend. Fall trends over the years have evolved. It important to make sure articles were published within a recent time period, unless you want your wedding to be so last year.

Be Your Own Trend

With trends changing all the time, it’s hard to keep up. Some things that don’t change are you and your interests. Plan your wedding according to your own style. March down the aisle to the beat of your own drum! And who knows? Maybe one of your ideas may catch attention and turn into its own seasonal trend.

Jenny Chang
Reasons Why ROCKNU Is The One For You

If you haven't gotten to know what ROCKNU is about by now, then let's get to it! Check out our About and Upcoming Tours Tabs! But before you do, let us express reasons why ROCKNU is the one for you.

  •  OUR COMMITMENT & DRIVE | We vow to nurture you with the necessary tools and knowledge to expand your growth and learning in this industry. Your investment in us, is our investment in you. We listen to what our students are curious about, and we implement relevant courses for them. We're also not afraid to connect our students with other industry professionals and experts. In fact, we take pride in spreading knowledge and opening pathways for others to join us on this journey to creating badass producers! We're all about sharing the love!
  • TOP PERFORMANCE | Have you seen our work?! Jenny Chang is the founder of ROCKNEVENTS, ROCKNU, The JC Brand, and Vowlá. She has been awarded as the Top 10 Best Wedding Coordinators in the Los Angeles and Orange County area by Junebug Weddings, as well as Top 50 Event Planners in the Country by PartySlate! Her vision and motivation to spread everything she knows doesn't stop at her in-house producers. She's beyond willing and happy to teach anyone and everyone who loves what happens in this industry and wants to grow themselves. 
  • YOUR FIRST TOUR | Did we mention that your first Wedding Tour is completely complimentary?! Well, it is! All you have to do is email us at info@rocknuniversity with the title of the Wedding Tour you'd like to attend, and BOOM. Everything will be taken care of, Star!
  • YOUR CONVENIENCE | ROCKNU webinars occur at the palm of your hands! Our tours are hosted every Friday at 11AM on the BigMarker platform. What's better than a class?!.... An online class! Our students have the option to view webinars through the web with their customized links or can call in with their unique code! With this model, our students can connect with us 'live' and others anywhere around the world with the same passion and drive.
  • FUN | Have you received our vibrant and fun vibes yet?! We know how to get down to business and party when it's time! Join us in this rewarding vibration!


We are the future of party planning!

Jenny Chang
The Importance of Visual Elements

It's critical in the way we present our ideas and vision to both our clients and our vendors! At ROCKNEVENTS, we optimize our opportunities through visuals and storytelling to deliver the intended message loud and clear. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you're presenting proposals:

  • Consult and learn your client's criteria. What are the components that build the foundation of their wedding? What is their style? What attracts them? Use what you know to present the best of the best!
  • Visual elements are important!
    • Stay cohesive in your patterns or theme, and pay attention to details. 
    • Select, attach, and group photos that complement each other.
    • Hyperlink everything for the sake of user convenience.
    • Below is an example of how we present our 'Save the Dates' to our clients!

It's important to set expectations high and present your proposals 'right' the first time around, in order to deliver your message and intentions clearly to your clients. Taking those few extra steps will ensure that your presentation stays consistent and flawless!

Jenny Chang
Spread the Knowledge

You might notice that here at ROCKNU, we preach, "Spread the knowledge!" profusely.

When you spread your knowledge with others, you are:

  1. Giving them (and yourself) an opportunity to learn and grow from a different perspective
  2. Bridging a gap between your skills and mindset with another person
  3. Contributing to building a stronger foundation of your team
  4. Increasing team motivation and productivity
  5. Helping other leaders rise

Don't feel reluctant to share knowledge from the most important tips to the tiniest details! You never know what these moments will lead to. You might just pick up some knowledge yourself and realize how much more you can learn from the people around you.

At ROCKNU, we want everyone to be able to continue hustling, challenging themselves, and growing while remaining humble with their expertise. We aim to spread knowledge beyond ourselves and our company because we believe that the future deserves to hear what we know. We are limitless, and we are committed to supporting the growth of our future producers, entrepreneurs, and event planners.

Keep spreading knowledge, keep innovating, and keep moving forward. Power to you for sharing what you know and paving a new path for others to grow with you.





Jenny Chang
Transforming a Client's Vision Into an Event

There's an infinite amount of information to consider when you're determined to create the perfect event for your clients, but where do you even begin?

1. Know Who You Represent

Start with getting to know your clients! If we're talking about a couple, take the time to learn about who your clients are individually, who they were before they started dating, and how they've grown and developed each other to where they are now. Getting to know someone involves more than the simple act of sitting and talking. You can strip everything down to their sense of fashion, humor, snack selection, and even home décor.

2. Establish Boundaries and Set Expectations

Explore your client's ideal vision for this event, and ask specific questions to perfect your understanding of their desires. Go through elements of event planning such as budgeting, venue booking, and accommodating guests. Are your clients more visual or experiential? What about their guests? You're the expert here, so take control in examining the bigger picture, and all the details will follow.

3. Keep  Clients in the Planning Process

Learn to be a communication champion. Get familiar with the areas of planning your client is interested in being directly a part of! What better way to reinforce a vision than with a direct link to the source? You want to create the ultimate experience for your clients, but don't forget that you're doing it with them too. 

Integrating the three constituents above will advance you towards bringing your client's vision to life and fulfilling their desire to make this event their own. Discover more of your event planning potential and connect with us!



Jenny Chang
5 Signs You Might Be Ready To Start Your Own Business

ROCKNU is the wedding and events industry's top education platform for wedding and event producers and entrepreneurs. Are you thinking of starting your own business? Here are some signs you might be ready. 

1. You Have A Good Idea & A Plan

If you have a good idea that's unique and will provide value to others, then all you need is a plan. Before you leave your day job, make sure you have a plan for your new business - whether that's a full-on business plan or an outline. 

2. You're Not Afraid Of Failure

As good as your ideas and plans may be, you cannot be afraid of failure. Entrepreneurs face big and little failures on practically a daily basis. Although we're all afraid of failure to some extent, if you can't face it, you aren't ready to start a business. 

3. You Never Give Up

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Although failure in entrepreneurship happens, you have to be able to pick yourself up. If you have the confidence in yourself and your ideas, you'll be able to pick yourself up and keep at it with your business.

4. Passion

Of course, you need passion. Passion is what keeps you motivated, what keeps you excited about your work, what gets you out of bed every day. Discover within yourself if you are pursuing passion

5. You Can Manage Your Time

Being a wedding pro means you are a master of time. Being a wedding pro who started their own business means to take it one step further. Are you skilled enough in time-management to be your own boss? Being in business takes self-discipline, and if you're already a master of time, you're much closer to being ready to start your own business. 

Jenny Chang
Adding Creative Elements To Your Weddings

ROCKNU is led by Jenny Chang, a passionate planner who is the perfect creative-logistical hybrid. We teach our students to bring creativity and passion into all of their professional endeavors. Learn to plan a unique celebration for every event, not some cookie-cutter party. Check out these ideas to add creative elements into a wedding! 



Most every wedding has escort cards. However, not all of them find innovative ways to implement escort cards into their event. Here's an idea right here: pair your escort cards with some champagne! There are so many non-traditional escort cards that can be specialized to the personality of the bride and groom! If you still want to use the traditional cards, you can find creative ways to place them, like on a mirror or a grand piano! 



Get the party started with signature cocktails custom made for the bride and groom! It's so much fun for the bride and groom to design and even more fun to try. Guests will toast to the newlyweds with cocktails unique to them. 



A guestbook is how the bride and groom can look back on their special day and remember it for the rest of their lives. Rather than using a traditional book that will get tucked away and never seen again, opt for using a unique guest book like this guitar! There are all kinds of things that guests can leave their messages on, so get creative and start thinking for the perfect item to match the bride and groom! 

Jenny Chang
How to Know If Are Pursuing Passion

They say that if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life.

There are things you may be good at - very good at - it pays the bills, you can live comfortably, and go far in your career. But then there are things that you do when nobody tells you what to do, the things that are different, risky, and exhilarating - that's a passion. You should always pursue passion. We at Rock N' University believe that is true, and strive to prepare in the next generation of event professionals for their passion. 

But, how do you know if you are pursuing passion? How do you find a passion? Here's a few things to get you started. 

Don't Think About Money

When you are passionate about something, money becomes secondary. You don't think about the money because you are too busy enjoying what you're doing in the moment. Think about it this way, if money were no object, what would you do with your life? Travel? Learn? Volunteer? Of course financial security is important, but if you lead with passion, everything else will follow.

What'd You Do Way Back In Time?

Think about what you used to do when you were young. What made you happy? What made you excited for life? Often, our passion is rooted in the things we loved when we were kids. Do some soul-searching, and get to know your younger self. What did you want to be when you grew up?

What Do You Do When Nobody's Watching?

What do you do when nobody is telling you what to do? What do you do when you aren't working? What do you do when you're not in school? The things we do voluntarily are what make us feel like we aren't working. Find your passion in the things that you are intrinsically motivated to do. Studies actually show that you produce your best work with passionate, intrinsic motivation. 

Once you've found your passion, the scariest thing to do might be to pursue it. But you've got to. You'll be happier, and you and everyone around you will be better because of it. Make an investment in yourself, take the leap, and pursue passion. 

Jenny Chang
Networking Essentials for Building Your Startup

You have a great idea and a solid plan, but every startup knows the importance of creating connections to grow their business. Here are a few pointers that may help you out.

Know Your Brand And Its Elevator Pitch

This one’s obvious, but has to be said. You’ve got to know your brand. You have to know how it started, what it’s doing, how it works, and where it’s going. Think about this. If you don’t know your brand, how are you supposed to get other people to know it? Further, how are you supposed to get other people to believe in it? Master your 30 second elevator pitch for your brand for effective networking and brand promotion. Your elevator pitch should explain what your brand is and why it’s important. Most importantly, it needs to leave a lasting impression on the person you are talking to.

Know Where To Go

Find networking events that align with your brand. Give yourself a head start and put yourself in a place that will guide you to success. This is because you want to be at a place where the people will be naturally attracted to your brand and you’ll be able to find potential fans.

Have Your Tools Ready

Bring business cards, maybe some branded merchandise like a pen (we sure have them!). You want to create a lasting impression in as many ways as possible. Have a great conversation, introduce your amazing company, and give that person something to remember you by.

Build Rapport

You should always start with compliments about the person themself, not what they do. People love to feel special, so they’ll love and remember you when you do that. It works -- trust us. Create a real conversation that goes beyond small talk. Finding out more about a person will also allow you to design your elevator pitch to show how your brand meets their own needs. Make them fall in love with your brand, and you.

Stay Connected

Meeting people isn’t the challenge, it’s staying connected that is. Find you own way to stay connected with them. Follow the standard “nice to meet you” follow-up for networking events, but go beyond that. Communicate in a way that matches you and your brand and maintain the relationship. Make a true connection.

Jenny Chang
4 Differences Between a Planner and a Producer

At ROCKNU, there’s a clear difference between a Planner and a Producer. Anyone can be a planner, but producers are the warriors that create, build, and orchestrate an entire event as a master of the unexpected. ROCKNU is creating the next generation of wedding producers. Here are 4 differences between a Planner and Producer.


Master of Time

Just like a surgeon is a master of their tools, a producer is a master of time. Time is a producer’s greatest tool, so a producer takes time extremely seriously. A producer uses time to make a 3 person team work as a 10 person team, creates a schedule, and make things happen and go as planned. A producer ensures that nothing is even one minute off.


Knows How To Work With People

A producer knows that they are the network that holds the entire event together. It’s not just about the plans. Producers not only coordinate with everyone, they work well with everyone. A producer is able to coordinate an army to make anything and everything happen.


Expert of the Unexpected

Planners may master their plans, but producers master the unexpected. Nothing is unexpected to a producer because a producer is an expert of the unexpected. A producer understands the event from every angle, and, because of this, is able to fix things at every angle. Producers can think on their feet and  are ready for everything and for anyone.



Producers CREATE. Every event goes big, and is produced with the highest attention to detail in every aspect. A producer brings together time, people, plans, and the unexpected to bring an entire event to life. A producer is the master of time, space, and everything in between. A producer pulls out all the stops to create the ultimate event.

Jenny Chang