4 Differences Between a Planner and a Producer

At ROCKNU, there’s a clear difference between a Planner and a Producer. Anyone can be a planner, but producers are the warriors that create, build, and orchestrate an entire event as a master of the unexpected. ROCKNU is creating the next generation of wedding producers. Here are 4 differences between a Planner and Producer.


Master of Time

Just like a surgeon is a master of their tools, a producer is a master of time. Time is a producer’s greatest tool, so a producer takes time extremely seriously. A producer uses time to make a 3 person team work as a 10 person team, creates a schedule, and make things happen and go as planned. A producer ensures that nothing is even one minute off.


Knows How To Work With People

A producer knows that they are the network that holds the entire event together. It’s not just about the plans. Producers not only coordinate with everyone, they work well with everyone. A producer is able to coordinate an army to make anything and everything happen.


Expert of the Unexpected

Planners may master their plans, but producers master the unexpected. Nothing is unexpected to a producer because a producer is an expert of the unexpected. A producer understands the event from every angle, and, because of this, is able to fix things at every angle. Producers can think on their feet and  are ready for everything and for anyone.



Producers CREATE. Every event goes big, and is produced with the highest attention to detail in every aspect. A producer brings together time, people, plans, and the unexpected to bring an entire event to life. A producer is the master of time, space, and everything in between. A producer pulls out all the stops to create the ultimate event.

Jenny Chang