Networking Essentials for Building Your Startup

You have a great idea and a solid plan, but every startup knows the importance of creating connections to grow their business. Here are a few pointers that may help you out.

Know Your Brand And Its Elevator Pitch

This one’s obvious, but has to be said. You’ve got to know your brand. You have to know how it started, what it’s doing, how it works, and where it’s going. Think about this. If you don’t know your brand, how are you supposed to get other people to know it? Further, how are you supposed to get other people to believe in it? Master your 30 second elevator pitch for your brand for effective networking and brand promotion. Your elevator pitch should explain what your brand is and why it’s important. Most importantly, it needs to leave a lasting impression on the person you are talking to.

Know Where To Go

Find networking events that align with your brand. Give yourself a head start and put yourself in a place that will guide you to success. This is because you want to be at a place where the people will be naturally attracted to your brand and you’ll be able to find potential fans.

Have Your Tools Ready

Bring business cards, maybe some branded merchandise like a pen (we sure have them!). You want to create a lasting impression in as many ways as possible. Have a great conversation, introduce your amazing company, and give that person something to remember you by.

Build Rapport

You should always start with compliments about the person themself, not what they do. People love to feel special, so they’ll love and remember you when you do that. It works -- trust us. Create a real conversation that goes beyond small talk. Finding out more about a person will also allow you to design your elevator pitch to show how your brand meets their own needs. Make them fall in love with your brand, and you.

Stay Connected

Meeting people isn’t the challenge, it’s staying connected that is. Find you own way to stay connected with them. Follow the standard “nice to meet you” follow-up for networking events, but go beyond that. Communicate in a way that matches you and your brand and maintain the relationship. Make a true connection.

Jenny Chang