Adding Creative Elements To Your Weddings

ROCKNU is led by Jenny Chang, a passionate planner who is the perfect creative-logistical hybrid. We teach our students to bring creativity and passion into all of their professional endeavors. Learn to plan a unique celebration for every event, not some cookie-cutter party. Check out these ideas to add creative elements into a wedding! 



Most every wedding has escort cards. However, not all of them find innovative ways to implement escort cards into their event. Here's an idea right here: pair your escort cards with some champagne! There are so many non-traditional escort cards that can be specialized to the personality of the bride and groom! If you still want to use the traditional cards, you can find creative ways to place them, like on a mirror or a grand piano! 



Get the party started with signature cocktails custom made for the bride and groom! It's so much fun for the bride and groom to design and even more fun to try. Guests will toast to the newlyweds with cocktails unique to them. 



A guestbook is how the bride and groom can look back on their special day and remember it for the rest of their lives. Rather than using a traditional book that will get tucked away and never seen again, opt for using a unique guest book like this guitar! There are all kinds of things that guests can leave their messages on, so get creative and start thinking for the perfect item to match the bride and groom! 

Jenny Chang