Transforming a Client's Vision Into an Event

There's an infinite amount of information to consider when you're determined to create the perfect event for your clients, but where do you even begin?

1. Know Who You Represent

Start with getting to know your clients! If we're talking about a couple, take the time to learn about who your clients are individually, who they were before they started dating, and how they've grown and developed each other to where they are now. Getting to know someone involves more than the simple act of sitting and talking. You can strip everything down to their sense of fashion, humor, snack selection, and even home décor.

2. Establish Boundaries and Set Expectations

Explore your client's ideal vision for this event, and ask specific questions to perfect your understanding of their desires. Go through elements of event planning such as budgeting, venue booking, and accommodating guests. Are your clients more visual or experiential? What about their guests? You're the expert here, so take control in examining the bigger picture, and all the details will follow.

3. Keep  Clients in the Planning Process

Learn to be a communication champion. Get familiar with the areas of planning your client is interested in being directly a part of! What better way to reinforce a vision than with a direct link to the source? You want to create the ultimate experience for your clients, but don't forget that you're doing it with them too. 

Integrating the three constituents above will advance you towards bringing your client's vision to life and fulfilling their desire to make this event their own. Discover more of your event planning potential and connect with us!



Jenny Chang