The Importance of Visual Elements

It's critical in the way we present our ideas and vision to both our clients and our vendors! At ROCKNEVENTS, we optimize our opportunities through visuals and storytelling to deliver the intended message loud and clear. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you're presenting proposals:

  • Consult and learn your client's criteria. What are the components that build the foundation of their wedding? What is their style? What attracts them? Use what you know to present the best of the best!

  • Visual elements are important!

    • Stay cohesive in your patterns or theme, and pay attention to details.

    • Select, attach, and group photos that complement each other.

    • Hyperlink everything for the sake of user convenience.

    • Below is an example of how we present our 'Save the Dates' to our clients!


It's important to set expectations high and present your proposals 'right' the first time around, in order to deliver your message and intentions clearly to your clients. Taking those few extra steps will ensure that your presentation stays consistent and flawless!

Jenny Chang