Keeping Up With Fall Trends

As we breeze past the first days of fall, it’s easy to get excited with what this new season will bring. With Fall comes pumpkin spice lattes, knitted scarves, and the newest set of wedding trends.

Let us rediscover the fads of the fall and learn how to keep up with these ever-changing trends.



This season we trade in the bright and vibrant colors of the summer for the dark and smokier colors of the fall. Some colors we’re excited to see include plum, burgundy, and deep yellow. Though these colors have replaced the summer ones, pastels make the perfect complementary palette. For a chic touch, add metallic accents!

Florals are one of our favorite ways to play with colors. Spice up your bouquets and centerpieces with dahlias, purple calla lilies, or chrysanthemums! Some other fun ways to take advantage of fall are by having big, leafy arrangements. These make great ceiling treatments, and using leaves, garlands, and vines can frame invitations and signage well. This keeps the design fresh displaying a playful yet natural touch.


Food and drink stations have really picked up this season! We have coffee bars, pie tables, and cornucopia-style dessert arrangements to welcome the new season. Infuse the taste of fall by introducing flavors to your favorite dishes!

This season focuses on the extremes, go big or go small. Extravagant weddings seem to always be in season. However, New Minimalism has been working to take center stage as well. Exposed wood or brick can add a rustic and fall tone to your wedding, all while having to put in very little work; the décor speaks for itself.



These trends are so much fun, but some hadn’t existed even in the last few months. How do we keep up? It’s easy! Here’s how.

Social Media

Checking hashtags is one of the easiest ways to get a feel of what’s cool right now. Scrolling through tags like #wedding, #reception, #fallcelebrations can give you a good look into current trends. You could also follow prominent wedding planners and designers to see how their events are changing based on the season.

Blogs and Magazines

Blogs like Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, and 100 Layer Cake are great blogs for following up with the latest and greatest fall fads. They are updates very frequently and archive all past posts as well. This would be useful to for getting inspiration off of past trends as well. Magazines like Wedding Wire and Bride Magazines are great subscriptions for keeping up with the industry as well.

Check Dates

There is a lot of information out there about wedding trends, so it is important to know when a post was published before reading it as a current trend. Fall trends over the years have evolved. It important to make sure articles were published within a recent time period, unless you want your wedding to be so last year.

Be Your Own Trend

With trends changing all the time, it’s hard to keep up. Some things that don’t change are you and your interests. Plan your wedding according to your own style. March down the aisle to the beat of your own drum! And who knows? Maybe one of your ideas may catch attention and turn into its own seasonal trend.

Jenny Chang