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The ROCKNU Tour challenges perception. It shines light on our future leaders and moguls to step out of the generic patterns of event production & designs and into the nuances of what it really takes to make a true rock n’ celebration. When we all understand the purpose, we can begin to adjust our mindset of what it means to celebrate a moment. All students of ROCKNU will experience how they, as individuals, will become better producers through connections, celebration, coaching communication and business skills. When you become part of ROCKNUNIVERSITY, you make a vow to commit yourself to learning and performing to the best of your abilities. In return, the star producers at ROCKNU vow to make you dream big and to give you the tools to make that dream come true. 


Some of our Tours focus on:

  • Presenting Design & Proposals

  • Tools You Will Need to Succeed

  • 5-Stage Wedding Process

  • How to Build a Relationship with Your Clients

  • How to Manage Your Client's Budget

  • Mastering Wedding Logistics

  • How to Conduct Your Own Editorial

  • Venue & Vendor Search, Negotiation & Booking Process

  • Industry Cost & Your Investment

  • Becoming the Network