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Visualize a world where you wake up inspired to go to work, every-single day. You feel valued, trusted and ready to change the world through the production and creation of all special moments. It's not crazy to believe this idealized conviction because Jenny Chang and Associates breathe this lifestyle. The Modern Leaders are collaborating every second to create a culture, environment and experience where people grow together and accomplish extraordinary milestones. 



ROCKNU is the first ever webinar Wedding & Special Event education platform hosted by Wedding and Special Events expert, Jenny Chang, Founder of ROCKNEVENTS, The JC Brand, and mobile app Vowlà. JC communicates a purpose and drops knowledge in every ROCKNU course. JC’s ambition to change the world and spread her expertise is the foundation of her successful companies.  In five short years, JC has grown ROCKNEVENTS into a worldwide event production company, been awarded as one of the Top Event Planners in the country and Top 10 in Los Angeles & Orange County. The mogul is now consulting other startups and industry members that deserve to make their mark in the world of Business and Entrepreneurship.



Each unique course is hosted via web through Big Marker. Jenny Chang tunes in every Friday to communicate a specialized topic with the intention of opening the minds and productivity of all future entrepreneurs and event specialists. Each course ranges from 45-minutes to 1.5 hours and is fueled with her expertise, passion, and breakthrough experiences.

I can go on and on about everything I have learned in regards to event planning from working with the team but one of the greatest lessons I learned from Jenny was to INVEST. Invest in people (whether it’s your team or your clients), invest in relationships (past vendors, guests, even the DJ!, personal ones too), invest in your passions (they are going to fulfill you the most), invest in your goals (again, I can’t tell you the passion and dedication it takes to run such an amazing company and Jenny has it!), and always invest in yourself (Jenny has without a doubt given me some of the best personal/professional advice I still to this day live by).
— Michelle Valdez



Touring every course designed at ROCKNU is meant to be as easy as signing up and tuning in. You can sign up for the next tour on our Upcoming Tours Page, or simply connect with us and let us know what you're looking for! Download our Digital Kit to learn more about our journey, together. From there, tune in and tour with us as much as you want!



ROCKNU is the first Special Event & Wedding Planning/Design course that’s hosted by an entrepreneur that began her journey with no experience, other than passion and capability. Learning from a mogul that had no other guide than her own passion will teach you how to build anything from the ground-up level. ROCKNU is the only webinar course that’s designed to “drop some knowledge” and intends to share the details of party planning with the world. The idea is to create a sphere of celebration producers that live out their passion and continue to produce experiences that’ll impact the world we create.