I can go on and on about everything I have learned in regards to event planning from working with the team but one of the greatest lessons I learned from Jenny was to INVEST. Invest in people(whether it’s your team or your clients), invest in relationships(past vendors, guests, even the DJ!, personal ones too), invest in your passions(they are what are going to fulfill you the most), invest in your goals(again, I can’t tell you the passion and dedication it takes to run such an amazing company and Jenny has it!) and always invest in yourself (Jenny has without a doubt given me some of the best personal/professional advice I still to this day live by).
— Michelle Valdez

I first got the opportunity to be an Administrative Intern in January with Rock N’ Events and I am so grateful to have been given the chance! My passion lies in throwing parties that are exciting, fun and life changing. I remember my whole life started to change for the better after the launch party Rock N’ Events threw back in March. Personally, I owe where I am at in life to Rock N’ Events and I believe lives will change for the better if anyone is able to be a part of this amazing Team. As an Admin, I learned the importance of delivering excellent member service, holding myself accountable to make sure all of the Wedding and Company details were checked off, and gained confidence in my abilities and skills as an Admin through the Team’s encouragement and belief in me. Every day is never the same, every month I have gotten better, and I cannot wait to see where I will be in life after many years growing with Rock N’ Events!!
— Tony Chen

Words to describe my experience at Rock N’ Events are nearly impossible to find. Starting off as an intern and recent college grad, I was hungry to learn about the event planning world, and luckily I found Jenny, who was hungry to teach me. 382 miles is the distance between Los Angeles and San Francisco, but working with Jenny has made it seem like there is no space between us. The first time I came down to help with a wedding, I was shaking in my boots! But the whole team was so welcoming and willing to help me that my nerves went away quickly. The amount of responsibility and trust that Jenny gives her coordinators shows how much this is a family, and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of that family. I have become a better, more confident and fearless person because of Jenny and RNEI am so grateful for the opportunities have given me, and can’t wait to see RNE SF rock 2018!
— Bailey Rogers

Working with Jenny directly (what a visionary women she is!) she is fun, vivacious, and a true business women. She has continued to gain and trust in her clients, but most importantly, she is confident and trusts her team completely to run her business for it to thrive.
— Princess Castro

Joining Rock N’ U I was looking for experience, expertise, and knowledge. A place to get my feet wet so I can gain direction for my professional career. Not only am I actively learning and growing individually everyday, but I am accomplishing goals that I never even dreamt I would. Jenny Chang and this company inspire and empower me everyday to climb mountains to change this industry.
— JamieAnn Bero

Anyone can take classes for Event Planning. Learning from Jenny Chang, that it so amazing and rewarding in itself. Jenny is one of the most inspirational and career driven people I know. I love how she teaches you from her own personal experiences, something textbooks can’t. Being mentored by Jenny, I have built confidence and knowledge of the industry. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her, I highly encourage you to take it.
— Jackie Dulguime

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